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The "Congreso Morelense Interescolar sobre Sexualidad Humana" is a project that can be traced back to the year 2007. Being an 18-year old senior at the Williams School of Cuernavaca, I had the desire to improve the sex education given in my high school, so I decided to propose and single organize the "Williams School's Human Sexuality Conference". For the first time, my high school classmates received lectures on many sexual topics from the hand of experienced sexologists belonging to the Mexican Association for Sexual Health. Although this sex education forum faced the opposition of some people, it was well received by the majority of the school's community. Consequently, it was in September 2007, as a 19-year old youth, when I decided to create the "Congreso Morelense Interescolar sobre Sexualidad Humana", a Human Sexuality Conference that would gather high schools of Cuernavaca to promote scientific and human rights-based sexuality education. The first Congress took place at the Tec Milenio University, March 3rd- March 7th 2008, with the participation of more than 450 students and four schools (the Williams School, the Lancaster School, the Hellen Keller School and the Tec Milenio University). The Congress was inaugurated by Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles, President of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) and David Sánchez Camacho, a federal deputy, and it constituted an educational milestone in Cuernavaca. The Second Congress, Learning for new realities, developed through March 9th-13th 2009, at none other but the National Institute of Public Health thanks to the authorization of the Institute's Director, Dr. Mario Henry Rodríguez. Three schools participated (the Williams School, the Lancaster School and the Tec Milenio University) and besides from the regular lectures for students, there were movie-debates, real life testimonies, 1 debate on abortion (based on a model of the General Assembly of the United Nations), and lectures for general public. Recently, and to start concluding this project, I offered a sexuality workshop entitled Opening and strengthening roads to the 11th and 12 grade students of the Williams School of Cuernavaca. This project represents 4 years of very intense work, during which 4 schools and 14 classes of students have been directly beneficiated with 53 human sexuality lectures and 8 workshops delivered by 28 first level specialists. In personal terms, this project englobes some of my most treasured life experiences and it represents my first opportunity to promote sexual health awareness. I wish that the contents of this web page will serve as a permanent testimony and will inspire youth from all over the world to develop real work in sexual health promotion or in any other area with the objective of promoting society's well being.

“For a sexual health culture”

Antón Castellanos Usigli
Founder and General Coordinator
Congreso Morelense Interescolar sobre Sexualidad Humana


  • 4 years of work
  • 4 schools involved
  • 14 classes of students were beneficiated
  • 28 first-level specialists participated
  • 53 lectures on human sexuality were delivered, plus 8 workshops, 4 real life testimonies, 3 movie debates, 1 structured debate on abortion and 1 dramatic monologue
  • The Second Congress was housed by the National Institute of Public Health
  • The project was presented at the 19th WAS World Congress for Sexual Health, at Gothenburg, Sweden, and at the VII National Congress of Sex Education and Sexology